The word, ‘JUNA’ is taken from ‘Juna-Akhara’ (the ancient Indian wrestling-arena). Though in literal sense, it means ‘Old or ancient’ but in the context of its usage over a long period, it became synonymous to congregation of people who wanted to be physically fit, mentally strong and spiritually ‘aware’ (One who has attained complete wisdom – Gyani)..

The activities at Juna-Akhara were a wonderful and unique blend of routines and procedures, which controlled, mastered and maneuvered the human body, mind and soul to attain a state of complete equilibrium. Routines were carefully chosen, meticulously designed and strictly implemented to get desired results. These procedures evolved over thousands of years to suit the changing need of society. With time, the relevance of ‘Akharas’ (wrestling-arenas) slowly got eroded and finally lost into obscurity.

Juna is the dream project of two young and budding entrepreneurs. As observants and clients throughout the city’s gyms and nationwide, they felt an imperative need to revive the essence of the ‘Ancient Akharas’ and provide the neighbourhood with not just world-class workout equipments, but an actual sanctum, where you truly imbibe fitness and instill it within, so it becomes an inherent part of your nature.



  • Our Vision is to Build True Healthy & Fit Bodies. We appreciate your decision of choosing JUNA & our Premium Services.
  • Wellness of mind, body and spirit of our members by providing a hospitable, simulating and eco-friendly environment.
  • To enable people of all fitness levels, the ability to achieve their individual fitness goals.
  • A great place to work, where the staff is inspired to deliver their best.
  • To achieve sustainable growth by being the most preferred fitness centre, providing state of the art facilities.

 Our Team

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Fitness Instructor

  • Strength, kick boxing
  • Experience: Certified through ISSA, ACE, Golds, K11, BPE. Played in State/National levels.

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Fitness Instructor

  • Meditation, Yoga
  • Experience: Certified through ISSA, ACE, Golds, K11, BPE. Played in State/National levels.


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