studio cyclingGet ready to be transformed, as you climb and spin away through one of our indoor cycling sessions, where you’ll increase endurance, up your energy, burn major calories and jump-start your metabolism. Indoor cycling efficiently combines strength and cardio training backed by science, and driven by pulsing music to move you towards your fitness goals.

Indoor cycling is definitely intense and fast-paced, but it’s a great sport for any fitness level. Unlike running, cycling is low-impact, and because you determine how hard you work and your bike’s resistance, pulling or straining a muscle is highly unlikely,
However, we know that the first class can be super intimidating. From adjusting the seat height to clipping into (and out of) the pedals to simply keeping up with the music, your first time indoor cycling can seem trickier than whipping up a five-course meal. So we went to the experts to compile all the pointers you need to know to make your first ride a smooth and sweaty success.

Walking into your first cycling class can be intimidating especially when it seems like everyone around you is already a pro. But once the lights turn down, the music turns up, and the class starts, remember it’s all about you

That’s the beauty of indoor cycling: No one is going to bother you. Indoor cycling classes directly connect the rhythm of the music with the pace of the exercise, so if it becomes too much, just close your eyes, pedal, and get lost in the music